Top 5 B Schools in Bangalore

Top 5 B Schools In Bangalore

Choosing a suitable B-School is almost like a management skill in itself. From the many options available, it is a tough test of one’s decision making skills to choose one. One has to examine and evaluate the school against a number of parameters. The choice made is crucial because it is not only instrumental in making or breaking the future career path, it also involves a considerable amount of investment.

best management school in bangalore

After the obvious choice of the IIMs, one of the criteria that guide the decision is the vital point of placement. One needs to make sure that the returns are worth the investment, both in terms of money and time. Most B-schools are evaluated on the basis of their placement records; the better the placements, the higher their brand value.

The following 5 schools stand out in terms of their creative ways in which they impart management education, as well as their aacdemic infrastructure and placement records.

  1. Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Maangement Development and Research

This institute has deftly combined management education and ‘design thinking’. It means that the context of the problem is understood thoroughly, and then creative ideas and insights are developed in order to come up with a suitable solution that fits the problem and its context. By amalgamating design thinking with management, this institute provides a real life experience of what ‘management’ is in the true sense of the term.

  1. Krupanidhi School of Management

This B School emphasises the importance of personality development along with management education. Together with developing skills that are required of a manager, it helps students to build a personality that would enable them to take the challenges of the corporate world in their stride and emerge as true professionals.


  1. ISME

One of the premier business schools ISME has its locations working in its favour. Navi Mumbai and Bangalore give it the edge of close proximity to some of the top companies. Added to that, the school offers a Post Graduate Program in Management which is accredited by National Accreditation Board of the Governement of India. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Information Technology are a few of the major fields that this premier institute specialises in.

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  1. IIBS

One of the most promising and recognised new entrants, IIBS has a lucrative placement record. Moreover, it is looking into imporving its facillities of higher education and expanding out of Kolkata to advantageous locations like Noida and Bangalore.Business school in bangalore

  1. IBS

A well known name since it opened its doors in 1995, IBS has done well in terms of delivering quality academic ifrastructure to its students. A management graduate from IBS is not only a good manager, but a promising leader as well. The USP of this school is case based learning, that gives the students the feel of real problem-solving while developing their personality as required of a skilful manager.


ISME Has Industry Focused Curriculum

ISME inculcates the art of excellence in its students through rigorous course work and a uniquely designed industry oriented curriculum. This has been possible through the extensive research and inputs from ISME International Advisors and National Advisory Board, who are graduates of some of the best business schools like MIT- USA, Wharton Business School – USA, Carnegie Mellon University – USA, Purdue University – USA, INSEAD – France, IIMs and other leading schools.

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