Top B schools in Bangalore

Top B schools in Bangalore


‘B for Bangalore and B for B-school’ is as clichéd as it gets. While there are other clichés we can ascribe to about Bangalore. The others include ‘The Silicon Valley of India’, ‘Garden City’ and so on. Amid these Bangalore is also home to some of the best MBA Colleges in the country when IIMs are taken out of the equation. Let’s look at the top four B-schools wherein the rankings have been developed based on the placement records starting from 2011. The insights into the quality of faculty team and infrastructure are co-factored too.


  1. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research

An MBA isn’t a post graduate degree when you complete it from Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. As their motto suggests it’s the future belonging to those who are ready, ipso facto, to learn, unlearn and relearn the radicals of education taught, rote by heart, treading the path of corporate revolution. The biggest strength of this Institute is their Alumni Association wherein seniors who have been there and done that keep coming back continually to share what being an MBA grad is all about.

  1. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

One of the oldest institutes in the circle of B-schools, SIBM-B (B for Bangalore again) since its inception in 1971, is a prime example of how an institute carves out a niche for itself standing for the principles of management it teaches. A collaborative effort seeking to mould the budding careers of individuals towards a common goal of getting ready, for constant change, in practice is how the vision and mission statements of SIBM-B can be summed up. Within the limitations of pursuing only excellence, these extremes of all streams can be learnt symbiotically.


  1. International Institute of Business Studies

A common ground for some of the most curios minds ever to unleash their potential to international exposure is what International Institute of Business Studies is about. The reinforcement of management, in a B-school, where testing of the learned fundamentals and tweaking of the unlearning required for producing a successful management graduate is where IIBS comes in. A prima facie example of its clarity in thought can be experienced by gauging their online presence. The admission into this Institute further amplifies the adage of, ‘what you see is what you get’, of entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. International School of Management Excellence

Though last in latest out, in measures ISME was set up in 2006 but was able to secure a commendable record of placements in the shortest time possible to be ranked one of the top B-schools in Bangalore. If Wharton and Purdue Universities are the Ivy League of B-schools, then the real tailors of such propensities reflect so because of their diverse faculty. Because through exchange and innovative programmes of mutual benefit, the faculty of this B-school is as close as international arena of players can cater to, not forgetting their industry oriented curriculum.

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What’s in it for me?

Lastly, the rankings of any B-school residue towards two words: placement record. An MBA might not be the ‘be all end of all’ of career growth. However, a choice that determines the growth aspect of a career solely rests in choosing a B-school that suits you. This choice should be such that within five years of leaving one, your B-school should hear of you following the B-school to be heard among the couture of graduates so that you could share a story or a snippet of cult that this B-school set up by being yours.


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